Medusafied ✒️ by: @tiffytl_ . This is so awesome, thank you! That hair, tho! 😻👅
📷: Lou Angeles
📷: @heartbreakgadget ❤️
I don’t got no type, bad b🐰nnies is the only thing that I like. 

📷: @jamesanthonylynchphoto
Good morning! 🎈 Things Are Looking Up! with @kalebwes Clothing by: @adapt
B💁tch you guessed it. 📷 The amazing Canadian photographer @jamesanthonylynchphoto
Goodbye Vancouver! Nothing but love out here. It was my pleasure! 💞
Thank you for such a fun time last night @PriveVancouver!  (at Vancouver, British Columbia)
What’s up #VANCOUVER! My gf & I are finally here & excited to party with you in your city tonight @ @PriveVancouver!! 👯🙌  (at Vancouver, Canada)